The customer’s request

A barbecue accompanied by excellent German beer with friends is the passion of the owner of this project in Bavaria, in Southern Germany. To this view, the creation of an exclusive barbecue in natural stone was planned. The client’s request was to create it in black granite so that it would match the exterior design of the home perfectly.

Our proposal

Strong with our experience, we recommended abandoning the idea of black granite for this massive barbecue. Indeed, with the high temperatures the granite might break and cracks may occur, with the risk of total collapse. In order to provide the dark anthracite hue the client desired, we advised a Sicilian basalt lava stone. This volcanic rock is born of the lava flows of the Etna volcano, which cools on the surface. It has an extremely high resistance to high temperatures (up to about 1200°). The need was to create a barbecue capable of sustaining considerable and sudden changes in temperature: from the heat of the fire to the rigid winter temperatures, given that it was to be installed outdoors. The natural stone met these needs. Indeed, Lava Stone is tested and certified for resistance to freezing.

The supply

The client’s desire was to have an outstanding barbecue that would last in time. To this view, we joined the client in designing every element and we provided individual pieces, even large dimensions, all 8-cm thick. Even the pizza oven was constructed entirely in Sicilian basalt lava stone, and we even made in basalt the grids om whick to cook.

The result

The result, visible in the photos, is a complete outdoor cooking element that fulfilled the client's desire for a solid colour structure that would be easy to clean, safe, and even fun to use. The client was very pleased and invited us to the inaugural barbecue to celebrate the result of a collaboration based on communication, transparency and professionalism.