Villa ZNC in Kitzbühel

The customer’s request

An important project for a demanding client. The request was to create a vacation home that would be unique and luxurious, finished with prestigious natural Italian stone. The architect relied on Die Gruppe to find the unique stone suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation: a highly resistant material that could be processed and used in different ways.

Our proposal

Die Gruppe decided on Porphyry violet Val Camonica, an extremely versatile material that can also be used to create solid elements, like basins and bathtubs. It can be produced in various thicknesses for floors, coverings, and furnishing accessories: wall lamps, kitchen countertops, and more. Die Gruppe boasts about one of its business partners being the Italian company that owns the quarry where blocks of natural stone are excavated with the most modern machinery. The Porphyry violet Val Camonica is a material that lends itself to various types of finishes: natural splitting, flamed, flamed and brushed, sand blasted, polished, sanded, brushed. This natural stone is resistant to both freezing and high temperatures.

The supply

The request amounted to about 800 sqm of flooring, 500 sqm of covering for various surfaces, 4 bathtubs, 4 washbasins with cabinet supports, 4 shower trays, stairways, indoor and outdoor kitchens.

The result

The project was approved by both the client and the builders. The architect in charge won multiple awards thanks to the design and realization of this work.