Penthouse in Zurich

The customer’s request

The request was focused on the supply of a material with a homogeneous background, but with a vein typical of stone. The concept was to highlight the completely natural origin of the material used. The zones of the apartment at hand were mainly the bathroom with a sauna and an open-space living room and kitchen. For this reason, it was important to create continuity by selecting a harmonious colour palette. Furthermore, the client loves cooking and entertaining guests, so the natural stone had to be both beautiful and trendy, but also practical and easy to clean.

Our proposal

After having listened carefully to the needs of the client, we examined, together with him, the other materials being used in the project, like the wood for the floors, the finish of the furniture, the wood of the sauna, the taps, and the fireplace. Thereaftert we proposed three materials. But the client decided on Pietra Piasentina. For the kitchen and the living room we opted for a flamed and brushed surface, which could be obtained on both the thicker pieces for use in the kitchen (8 cm) and on thinner coverings for the living room furniture (1 cm). Moreover, this finish would also be easy to keep clean. For the bathroom floors we opted for the flamed and brushed surface (which is not too slippery). Instead, for the walls we choose a finish obtained with a high-pressure jet of water. This technique results in a horizontal optical effect, regardless of the angle of observation.

The supply

All the pieces were cut to measure according to a detailed project that subdivided the areas and the pieces of furniture. We planned 2-cm thick flooring, an 8-cm thick, monolithic kitchen countertop and the covering of the furniture with a thickness of 1 cm with identical dimensions for the doors. The photos reveal how the vein continues, passing from the vertical to the horizontal element, highlighting the attention to detail. Pietra Piasentina is a material that is resistant to freezing: therefore, it was chosen chosen by the client for the spacious terrace with a view over the city of Zurich. For this project a lighter flamed surface would make the colour of the natural stone more homogeneous. Moreover, this finish guarantees a non-slip surface in compliance with the building code. 

The result

The neutrality of the light grey colour of Pietra Piasentina, combined with other brighter colours, both lighter or darker, in this penthouse exalted the use of an Italian natural stone. The quality of the stone supplied is somewhat rare, without being overbearing. The project reflects sheer harmony and elegance, thanks to the accuracy of the combinations selected. Our suggestions were highly appreciated, as we succeeded in collaborating with the client to fulfil his every desire for this project.