The customer’s request

A well-known Swiss entrepreneur for the building of his new home in Palma de Mallorca in Spain where spend the holidays and invite his friends and business partner, has gone into the showroom of our client in Switzerland.
The client and the architect were looking for a new exclusive material of anthracite tones with a veined background, different from conventional materials such as marble and granite.
The aim of the designer was to find a fluidity between internal and external space, that was made possible thanks to a material continuity of the surfaces; there was therefore a need to find a material that offered high performance in any conditions of use, wear resistant, anti-reflective and that could also be used inside the pool.

Our proposal

Luca by company Die Gruppe, after listening and carefully analysed the needs of the customer proposed a basalt, in particularly Basalt Lava stone from Sicily, produced from the cooling of the lavas that emerge during the eruptions of Etna volcano.
It’s a material always used locally for the classical building or for the road flooring as often it can see in Sicily.  
Its technical features make this material extremely flexible for the possibility of being used in any context and climatic conditions.
Since Alberti & Alberti became an official distributor, signing an exclusive contract with the best quarry in Sicily, the material is easily available thanks to the wide availability offered in the warehouse of Verona.
The material had never been used in high level projects, and we saw in the project Villa "Las Palmas" the first opportunity to use the Basalt Lava Stone in a prestigious residence with a modern and attractive design that integrates into the typical environment of the Spanish island.

The supply

After having identified the material suitable to meet the aesthetic, technical and budget requirements, the customer has confirmed the assignment to our customer with which we have supplied the visible material in the photos.
In particular:
  • 1280 sqm - Floor from thickness 2 cm in various rectangular sizes, as well as parapets with specific measures based on a precise cutting list. 
The chosen surface has been honed 220 + 1 x brushed with water-repellent treatment with neutral effect.
  • 980 sqm - Floor from thickness 2 cm to "Opus Incertum" obtained from perfectly interlocked pieces with constant leakage thanks to a waterjet cut according to a precise layout. 
The chosen surface has been honed 220.
  • 92 sqm - Immersed covering for the pool, 2 cm thickness, in rectangular sizes.
The chosen surface has been honed 220.
  • Nr. 02 - Stairs covered with assembled steps with a 45° cut with 2 cm slabs to obtain a massive visual effect.
The chosen surface has been honed 220.

The result

The customer was enthusiastic for the result of the work in which he has met all his needs and requests, and because the Lava Stone has perfectly matched with other materials used such as wood, glass, and exposed concrete, creating a comfortable and exotic environment.
The internationally renowned architect had the opportunity to get to know a new extremely performing material that allowed him to express his design idea to the maximum and that he will use for other high-level projects.