Villa Katrin in Vienna

The customer’s request

The interior designer's commitment to the client was to embellish both the interior and exterior of the 600 sqm villa with natural materials, timeless colours, and detailed finishes for every corner of the home. The villa is situated in the hills south of Vienna and was intended to become an example of style for the entire region. Die Gruppe, as consultant, proposed a series of natural stones in the most suitable formats and surfaces, both in terms of aesthetics and technical feasibility.

Our proposal

For the exterior covering Die Gruppe proposed the use of blocks in Travertine light crosscut with a split finish, measuring 50 cm wide by 10 cm thick and in variable lengths, to integrate the building in the surrounding environment. The same natural stone was used on the interior walls to contrast with the wood floors that were to be exalted by low-level recessed lighting. The idea for the perimeter of the house was a pavement with small split and tumbled cubes measuring 12 x 12 x 12 cm, in Pietra Piasentina. The same stone was used for the floor and walls of the bathrooms and wellness zone. The material selected and proposed has no brown, but rather a distinctive white vein. Large formats with a 2-cm thickness and with the best finish for this stone, which is flamed and brushed, were used.

The supply

About 500 sqm of flamed and brushed Pietra Piasentina Selected measuring 100 x 50 x 2 cm for the inside and about. 400 sqm of vertical covering in split Travertine light for both the interior and exterior was supplied. For the exterior pavement about 180 tonnes of small split and tumbled cubes in Pietra Piasentina measuring 12 x 12 x 12 cm covered about 650 sqm.

The result

Die Gruppe and the architectural firm acting as the interior designer on this project were so in synch that excellent results were guaranteed. As can be seen in the photos, we succeeded in interpreting the concept and bringing it to life with professionalism, satisfaction, and amusement. This project provided inspiration for many other designers and clients.