Penthouse in Munich

The customer’s request

The client had decided to reproduce the minimalist design and total white of a luxury penthouse in the center of Munich, but replicated in a farmhouse in the Bavarian countryside: a unique request that was a must-have. The interior designer contacted Die Gruppe to verify the existence of a white pure marble with no veins or spots actually existed. but that it was also resistant in time, and available in different formats and thicknesses for use as flooring, in stairs, coverings, and bath and kitchen countertops.

Our proposal

Die Gruppe proposed White Thassos Extra, a pure white marble from Greece. In spite of its exorbitant cost, the interior designer received the client’s consent immediately. This precious marble was already considered a prestigious choice in Ancient Greece, used for the most exclusive residences. So not surprisingly, it fulfilled the needs of this client perfectly. Die Gruppe personally dealt with the selection of the raw materials: Luca Zancanaro went personally to Greece to inspect the slabs. In order to highlight the microscopic crystals that make up this marble, the proposal was to give the surface a mirror finish. Die Gruppe also gave specific indications for a water-proofing treatment and the cleaning operations to optimise the maintenance of the exceptional characteristics of White Thassos Extra in the future.

The supply

They were delivery about 350 sqm of flooring measuring 60 x 60 x 2 cm, steps with different sizes of risers, covering bathroom and living room surfaces, as well as various pieces of furniture like the dining room table and the fireplace.

The result

The indications provided by Die Gruppe to the installers made it possible to obtain impeccable results, thanks to the experience gained in the use of marbles like White Thassos Extra, aesthetically outstanding but very costly and rare in its extra quality. These marbles require particular care, beginning with the selection, the processing, the transport, and even in the installation and maintenance phases.